Part 147

Surprise, surprise!!! Yes, it really is me. Don’t faint in shock or else you’ll get delayed in reading the post😉

This is for all the times I was late, for all the times I made you’ll wait and for all the times I might do the same again😜

P.S. Next post will be on Friday if I don’t manage to complete it by Thursday.

Enjoy xxx

The next day I took Laaibah with all the excitement of a child with a new toy. Not even Bashir’s repeated warnings and instructions could dampen my mood. I nodded at everything he said, waved jovially at him then Laaibah and I skipped off to our new adventure. I had already completed my run so I strolled along leisurely, pushing the pram, walking in the direction of the promenade. I strolled along the promenade for a bit, enjoying the cool, crisp air blowing on my face, cooling me down, and the waves crashing on the shore on my right, further relaxing me.

After a while I passed a coffee shop, causing my stomach to growl loudly as the mouth-watering aroma of freshly made coffee and hot delicacies wafted out. That was all the encouragement I needed. Within a few minutes I was sitting in a chair just outside the door, the pram parked on my side, ordering a cup of cappuccino and a couple of chocolate croissants. I turned to look at Laaibah who was watching her surroundings in wide-eyed wonder and smiled.

“Such a good baby you are today, hmm? Looks like you love being outdoors too! And no wonder…who wants to be cooped up all day indoors, right?” I tickled her under her chin and she snuffled into my hand like a kitten.

After my delicious albeit impromptu breakfast I started off again. Laaibah fell asleep with the soothing motion of the pram and I hummed as I walked, my thoughts as peaceful as my surroundings. This was the best time of the day for taking walks, I thought. No rush, no throngs of people to maneuver through…

By the time I reached Zee’s house again it was eight-thirty and Zee had already started cooking. She glanced at the time and raised her eyebrows on seeing me, then her eyes fell on her baby, peacefully asleep under her blanket and her face broke into a wide smile.

“She’s sleeping! How long has she been sleeping for?”

“About thirty minutes,” I whispered back.

“Wow, mashaAllah. Jazakillah, Faz. This idea of yours is the best I’ve heard in my life!” She came forward and hugged me exuberantly.

Bashir was just as pleased on hearing about our outing and his doubts vanished under the relief of having acquired a free babysitter and a talented one on top of it…if I had to say so myself.

And so a routine was set. I picked up Laaibah on my way back everyday for the next twelve days and took her out for roughly forty-five minutes. I had developed my own style of knocking on the gate so Bashir would know it’s me and open for me. Zee used to be asleep at that time so I would chat to Bashir while he got her ready or changed her nappy or did anything else that had to be done. Then I’d be off, returning her when Zee was up and about, either cooking or cleaning up a bit before the domestic arrived. Only twice it so happened that I got there, only to find Laaibah already asleep so there was no need for me to take her out. The first time it happened Bashir invited me in to have a cup of tea before carrying on home. Thirsty and tired from the exercise I accepted and joined Bashir for his breakfast of cereal, tea and biscuits.

How do you have cereal and tea together?” I asked, “isn’t cereal filling enough by itself?”

Bashir laughed. “Habit, I guess. I have to have my tea in the morning but I have cereal before it to fill me up so I don’t binge on biscuits with my tea.”

“Hmmm, makes sense, I guess.”

We chatted about different things as we munched our way through breakfast. Bashir was a jolly guy with an easy way of talking and I found it very easy to talk to him. He reminded me of Salim in so many ways; maybe that’s why I became more comfortable with him than I normally would with just any guy. I used to be close to Salim and confide in him quite a bit; I didn’t really confide in Bashir but I grew close to him as well, in a purely brotherly fashion, of course. I had taken Salim as another older brother and I took Bashir as the same.

Until that fateful day…

I had arrived at Zee’s house panting and out of breath as usual, ready to go for my walk with Laaibah. Only when Bashir answered the door he was minus his usual little bundle and the house was suspiciously quiet. Bashir smiled and ushered me in, putting his finger on his lips as he shut the door and turned back to me.

“She’s sleeping,” he whispered.

“Should I be happy or sad?” I whispered back.

Bashir laughed and led the way into the kitchen. “I’m very happy. The little chit was screaming on top of her lungs and refusing to calm down. It took me so long to settle her.” He stretched his back with a groan.

“Well, then, I suppose I should be happy for you,” I said in a disgruntled tone but a smile was tugging at my lips.

“Oh, definitely! You have no idea how precious this peace is. Shall I make tea for you?”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll make myself some coffee,” I said, seeing that he had already made himself a cup of tea.

“Okay, sure. The coffee and sugar is on top,” he waved his hand at the top cupboard.

I nodded and started preparing myself a cup of coffee while Bashir regaled me with stories of his workplace.

“I’ve got a secretary named Linda. God, she’s such a blonde. She makes the most obvious mistakes but she tries so hard to please me that I have to pretend to love her work and send her off with a pat on her back. Then get someone else to come in and correct all her mistakes.”

“You have the patience of a saint,” I commented, watching the kettle start to bubble “anyone else would have fired her in a flash.”

“That’s what the other owes keep telling me but she tries so hard to please, man! I do end up losing my patience and shouting at her sometimes…and sometimes I’ll explain everything to her slowly like I’m talking to a nursery kid. But few days later she’ll make the same mistake and I’ll be like, grrrrr! And she’ll be standing there with a big smile on her face and be like, “oh, sir, how is it this time??” Then I just have to swallow my anger and tell her it’s just fine, she’s done a lekker job!”

I was laughing away at this point. The kettle reached the boiling point and switched off and I poured the boiling water over the ground coffee beans, closing my eyes as I inhaled the mouth-watering aroma of fresh coffee that swirled around my nose.

“Here’s the sugar. Sorry, I forgot I had it.”

I started as I felt Bashir’s chest brush against my shoulder then his arm came into view as he placed the sugar tin on the counter top. I whirled around to face him instinctively, startled by his close proximity. Big mistake. I found myself trapped between the counter top and the bulk of Bashir’s body, unable to move in either direction. My eyes unnervingly fixed on the smooth, brown column of his throat and I saw his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed convulsively. Jerking my head up I found his face inches from mine. As though in a dream I watched his eyes drop to my lips, linger there for an excruciatingly long moment, then lift to pierce my eyes again, his own gaze heavy lidded and smouldering. His musky, male scent surrounded me as he slowly lowered his mouth to mine…


104 thoughts on “Part 147”

      1. Seriously?
        I jus knew but…
        From the moment I read about bashir opening the door and the tupperware thing.. thought i was jus being cynical 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  1. Jazaakillaah for the bonus post, I knew something was up when I saw that shukr Laibaah and Faz were fine but not this (can’t see)
    Fax please get rid of him and don’t allow him to touch you. I was hoping something like this doesn’t happen because she was too free around him.
    Hope Faz manages to get out of this without her or anyone else getting hurt
    Sister we didn’t make shukr for cliffhanger less posts now you drop a major one on us .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes they were too free with each other🙈
      Well yeah, I missed my cliffhangers,you know. And the responses they bring…my readers have been too quiet recently, maybe because my posts were too tame to comment on. I had to jolt them a bit you know😜

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  2. No! No! No! Please No! This cannot be happening. . Eish the drama. . . But I’m so glad you brought this topic to note. . Really. . Some people need to understand that it aint possible for a guy & girl to just be friends for very long. . Shaytaan is always there. He doesn’t strike immediately but he does. .besides friends but this can even happen with family whether it be close cousins, a girl with her sister’s husband, a girl with her husband’s brother. . People need to be conscious of mahram males & females.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Surprising I didn’t reply to this comment😕
      It’s so true that a girl and guy can never be just friends…if only muslims could realise that,they would save themselves a lot of trouble…


  3. i can’t believe bashir! I was getting uncomfortable with their interaction with each other but didnt think when something happens it will be as drastic as an almost kiss! That was a shocker….looking forward to the next post…n waiting not so patiently fot ahmed to make an appearance again!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yayyy, here you are!!!💃 good to hear from you again😊
      Yeah they were too free with each other, I guess they put themselves into this dilemma…
      Hmmm, I don’t know about Ahmed. It may be some time before we hear from him again😜


  4. No no pleas faz is my favorite character here. N I’m 100 %” sure she knows better then to allow this to happen…….. If she could keep away from Ahmed then she diff will do what’s right with this bimbo. Shaytaan is always the 3rd person even if bash is a good guy. Feel like to strangle that guy

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  5. Oommgeeee!!!u gota b kidding me???😤😤😤

    Yessir my comments r finally coming through😃

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  6. What a twist!
    Even the best of ppl can get caught in the web of Shaytaan. That is why our Aapa in Madrasah used to tell us to always make duaa that Allah protect us from even going near to zinaa….
    We can’t blame Bashir here only. Fazila is actually more at fault here by staying in his company and accepting his invite for tea .I think the moment she knew baby was asleep, she was supposed to leave instead of making herself comfy in her best friends kitchen with her best friends husband

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Very very true plzz don’t let her chastity be tainted.her modernist ideology of jogging with abaya and being soooo free with her friends husband is deffo not the way a student of seen behaves.couldn’t comment so long don’t know what happened. Hope faz becomes cloaked in modesty and in Islamic principles .coz she sure ain’t living life modestly.she has no sharam mahn.lolllz.true but

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yes so true,even the best of people can get caught up in this trap.
      I’m not sure who’s more at fault here. Both are equally at fault I think. Bashir shouldn’t have invited her in and faz shouldn’t have accepted…


      1. That’s so true. Both of them are at fault. This is why we have been commanded to stay away from non mehrams. Especially being alone with them because shaytaan is the third one. Whatever Allah has commanded for us is always for our benefit.

        SubhanAllah many times I wanted to comment & I wasn’t able to but alhumdulillah it’s working now 👍😊

        Masha Allah your a creative writer!

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      2. Yes so true..this is what happens when we don’t follow the laws of shariah…
        I’m glad you’ll are able to comment. Missed you all😘
        Shukran ukhti😘❤


  7. Don’t think I ever commented. So glad u brought this point out. I was gona comment earlier to say how disappointed I was in faz from the whole cousins saga for her brothers wedding and how comfy faz was with even with them not allowed in shariah. Ppl need to know we cannot mix freely with ghair mahrams even if they are our close cousins. It’s Def not easy but Islam is easy and not difficult so once u start Allah Ta’ala makes it very easy. The thing is we have to start.

    Another imp point here I feel I Wana just highlight to ur readers is that we need to understand if a girl is not in purdah she can still be modest. She can still refrain from mixing with or speaking with the opposite sex. Modesty and hayaa is something to be respected for and something to look up to and faz was just not upholding hayaa off late.

    Maaf sis for the extra long comment but this post got me hard to the point where I was mortified and upset with this behavior.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Very very true ukhti. Cousins are also ghair mahrams but people take this so lightly, taking them to be brothers and sisters only. And yes, you are right..a girl can be modest without wearing niqab also❤


      1. Lol Ahmed is in his own world of madrassah and kitabs. Nothing much to narrate there except what I already have. But he’ll appear in the future posts inshaAllah❤


  8. Don’t take us the wrong way…. But when I saw there was an early post, I was 90% sure that it was to torture us with one of your infamous cliffhangers… And what torture!!! Friday is 2 whole days away… Thats like 48 hours…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m so sorry… I never..*sob*… I never meant to pressure u…

        *Puts on adult voice…* Now darling, you do know that you must never give in to peer pressure. Be yourself and the best that you can b and always remember that Allah made u special. No one should b able to dictate what u must do…..
        I forgot the rest of the bayaan 🙈

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      2. Lol i said that cause you put on your adult voice😁 but I like you nonetheless…you and your humour😁😂
        And regarding cliffhangers…there’s many more coming your way so buckle up and get used to it😁

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  9. 😂😂😂 you are so forgiven for the cliffhanger. . The comments are entertaining enough. . Was wodering what happened to all the commenters too. . Upside tomorrow is Thursday & the next is Friday. . We know you won’t disappoint us without valid reason. . So gonna wait patiently for the next post. . Also i just love how you have brought so many topics to light, to teach our youth & also be entertaining at the same time. . May Allah Ta’ala give you ample time and inspiration to keep this blog going . Aameen. 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was actually thinking about whether you’ve commented or not and thinking of going back to check lol😂
      Yeah, the comments for this post are hilarious and entertaining😂 loving the interaction and different view points…
      Shukran for the heartwarming comment…ameen thumma ameen❤😘


  10. Noo not faz!!! N not bashir!!! 😱🙊
    But I’m glad this is happenin
    Kind of liked the old faz more she was more Allah conscious the new faz back home is toooo chilled esp with boys ..
    Just hope everytin will be ok btwn bashir n zee after this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually faz was always chilled when it came to boys..remember her relationship with salim,then with yusha and zul? I’ve portrayed her as 1 of those characters who find nothing wrong in “just talking” to guys because that’s how so many youth and even older ladies are nowadays…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahahhaha I knew it as soon as I pressed send that I’m gonna get this message.. I even debated commenting 🙈😂

        Mate just pray for me lol I literally cannot write and it’s become so frustrating I barely open WordPress to read other blogs..

        I’m really not doing this on purpose lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Eish I get you🙈 I went through a brief phase of that in the beginning of this season and it was beyond frustrating. Hope you get your groove back inshaAllah😊❤


  11. Only reading post now!!!!
    Coz I never expected this bonus 😉
    What on Earth is happening here… I thought Bashir was so in love with Zee..
    Never expected this from him :O
    Zee will be mortified !!!
    Shame she has been through soo much…and now there is a baby…I hope Zee won’t take this too hard….
    Eyyyh and there is a cliffhanger also…
    Jazaakillah for this awwessommme …uhhhmhhhhmmm (clearing throat) post…or should I say scaaarry post…lol

    Liked by 2 people

  12. sccaaarrryyy!! why?.. I hope Bashir realizes before it’s too late..and I certainly hope zee doesn’t walk in to witness all this.. oh please Allah protect them both.. aameen

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  13. Uplease post today my Honey bunch sugar candy sonu sweety habebti cuteness beautiful gorgeous kind helpful lovely dear sweet good niccccceeeecestist beloved metai .hehehe plz post that’s all.and Don’t make it happe n the attempt is enough of a lesson pleaaaaaseeeeeee I beg I beg i beg

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  14. Ya Allah, I was having a negative feeling but I thought it would be like Ahmed would see Faz during on of the walk and think that she got married and has a baby now or something like that, I didn’t expect this tho their interaction seemed slightly suspicious in this chapter 😭😭😭😭😭😭 it would make things so awkward 😭😭😭😭 ya Allah

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  15. Mashaa Allah lovely post
    Lots of lessons to learn from each post
    May Allah reward u immensely dear Authoress for highlighting all such stuff that peope take as normal stuff yet are things we need to hav a second thought about
    Esp about just talking to men as a normal thing
    May Allah guide us all
    Enjoying the story

    Liked by 1 person

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