Calling all Durbanites and Would-be Durbanites to ATTENTION!!!

I’m sure that’s gotten all of your attention, which was my aim…so, I have a favour to ask of you’ll and a piece of news. I think I’ll ask my favour first because once I tell you’ll my news you might not be so inclined to fulfill my request 😜

So, to all my Durbanite and would-be Durbanite (those who don’t live there but know enough about the place to be as good as residents of the place) readers, I shall be visiting that part of S.A pretty soon. It will be my first time (believe it or not) so I want suggestions, tips, recommendations etc about the place. I will write these in point form so you’ll can answer accordingly. Your input will be greatly valued and appreciated so please, to my silent readers as well, comment your input❤

• Halaal restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee places, etc.

• Places to visit, like kid friendly places

• The indian area…like the fordsburg of durbs…where I can buy kitchen stuff (glazed cherries,dried fruit,spices,etc…) and abayas, scarves, niqaabs etc.

• Bookshops which sell educational and islamic books,by south african and international writers

• Macarons! Writing about them has made me liss for them big time so any place which sells the yummiest ones!

Please include directions if you can…jazakallah khair❤

Moving on…

Now for the news…

Brace yourselves…









Hols means putting away phones and spending quality time with the family…which means there will be no time to blog…which means I shall be taking a break!!!

I’ll be back sometime around Christmas inshaAllah…

Happy hols to all…remember me and my family in your duas…

Much love



116 thoughts on “Calling all Durbanites and Would-be Durbanites to ATTENTION!!!”

    1. Lol I wish! I would have if I’d had the means to get around on my own (minus hubby and kids tagging along) and if you’d promised to keep my identity a secret😜 but well, we’ll meet in the gardens of jannah if not in this dunya inshaAllah😘❤

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  1. In other news, there are tons of lovely places in Durban. Check out Vapour Cafe in Lillian Ngoyi Rd for some decent seafood, Al Fresco Cafe in the same for some Insta-worthy food. Westwood Mall in Westville is lovely as every restaurant but 2 specific ones are halaal. Kikis in Overport has a selection of Baitul Hikmah’s books (they have a deal). Al Ansaar Bookstore in Overport is good as well.

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  2. Overport is the central hub.. Islamic books (Cii , al Ansaar, IG hoosen ) Halaal restaraunts, masajid, abayah n scarf shops and spice shops etc.

    Gateway Mall ( Umhlanga ) … Halaal restaraunts, sugarlicious for the awesomest macarons , kids entertainment and retail therapy

    Hope you feel the warmth of the Durbanites … ❤ ❤

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  3. You visiting my part of the world😀😀😀

    Am loving le kremery waffles at the moment they the best….i second al fresco gardens…casablance next door is good too
    And im a huge fan of jollygrubber theyre on the beach front as well and have an amazing view of the beach from their seating area

    Al ansaar bookshop and ig hoossen as well ig hoossen got a lot of books as well as islamic wear….take a drive thru sparks rd and brickfield road lots of egyptian cloak shops at reasonable prices

    Will really miss the blog but am happy to hear you going on holiday… Drop me a mail while you around if you need to know anything and enjoy your holiday!

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  4. Sugarlicious definatly for Macrons

    Dbz has a variety of markets and pop ups with simply delicious food po boys is a must !check out their insta page @poboysdurban you will also find many other food pop ups on their page under food scene durban that is really nice with a variety of food stalls and play area for the kids and lovely relaxing atmosphere

    There are also the flea markets like the essenwood flea market on saturdays at essenwood park on essenwood road they have poney rides and other entertainment for kids dirt cheap

    Then theres litchi picking in balito

    Rjs-florida road
    Legends diner -ridge road
    Spur @ the atrium
    Vapour cafe
    Al fresco gardens
    Comida pizza
    Antique cafe
    And many more……

    Overport specifically brickfeild and sparks road for all indian things and abayas etc …
    Ig hoosen in overport for kitaabs books abayaas etc

    The botanical gardens are beautiful and relaxing for a stroll and picnic

    Lol this is a loong comment… okay to wrap it up if you feel like a drive an hour from durban is the midlands meander with the amazing beligian chocolate experience and play area at florentines i cant explain how worth it this is ……. and piggly wiggly wich is a mix of country stalls and kids entertainment train rides foofi slides chocolate dipping put put candel dipping and much more

    Hope that was helpful 👌
    Enjoy your trip

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    1. Jazakillah khair ukhti,this was extremely helpful😘😘
      Just a few questions,where about is al fresco gardens and comida pizza? And is florentines at the same place as the belgian choc? And piggly wiggly?


      1. Comida and al fresco are next to each other on windermere now lilyan ngoyi road

        The name of tbe belgian chocolate place is florentines …it on the same road as midmar dam just a lil further …they have melted belgian chocs in a sugar cone with a variwty of dippers and beligian waffles ans bubble waffles divine brownies etc and lovely play area for kids piggly wiggly is further alomg the same road with activitiea for kids and shops for parebts its really nice ..Google should help there

        Hope that was clear 🖒

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    1. Camminettos is deff theee best….oh n “My Diners” on the beach front>3
      I liss to go durbs now loll!

      The sadd part is……OUR AUTHOR IS LEAVING US!!!*heartbroken*

      I’m gona missss uu:)

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  5. Food
    Smokin Joes (Musgrave Road)
    Continental – breakfast, pizzas and open sandwiches
    Also at Continental – the new Nutelato for homemade gelato. They also make bubble waffles, milkshakes, etc (and you know it’s halaal!)
    The Chocolate & Cheesecake Bar – crumbed savouries, Drakensberg cheesecake and Drakensburg brownies
    ConFusion (Rabia Adam) – Sunday mornings at The Plant for breakfast and/or crepes plus her mum makes the most delicious Malay Koeksisters
    Mullah’s Cafe – dhalghos on Friday (I’m sure their other food tastes good too), Jalebi and sweetmeats any other day (everything prepared by the family who run it)
    Citi Foods – authentic local bunny chow made personally by the owners
    Crispyz in Chatsworth – also family owned, family run and food prepared by the owners – crispy fried fish, grilled prawns, fried noodles
    Heroes – fried pollock (when they have), porterhouse steak sandwich, fried chicken, grilled chicken (new on the menu)
    Nooris – basmati lamb breyani on Friday’s – get extra sojee if you can
    Indian type area – a forgotten place is central Durban which I rediscovered thanks to my aunt, specifically Victoria Street (now Bertha Mkhize) for food stuff like Sirkhots, AH Grocers – baking ingredients, bakeware, nuts, spices, Dhals, etc and Mullahs (see above)
    Play areas/entertainment
    Moses Mabhida People’s Park
    Funky Monkey in Umhlanga
    Bounce (depending on kids ages)
    Ushaka – of course (if you’re in Durban often, it’s worthwhile getting a platinum pass)
    Wilson’s wharf for boat rides and they sometimes have kiddies plays especially during the holiday

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    1. Jazakillah khair,your input is really valuable and much appreciated..
      Few questions if you don’t mind plz…can you tell me the directions (road/area) for continental,the chocolate and cheesecake bar,bounce and Wilsons wharf…


      1. Yeah continental is a must they things are deeeevinee! My mouths actually watering thinking of they yummy stuffs🙈

        heres the address :171 Sandile Thusi Rd & Mont Pelier place, Morningside, Durban, 4091

        Phone number:031 208 0951

        Hope u have a wonderful time in durbz⛱❤


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      2. Ameen.
        OK – so someone has already provided Continental’s address 😊
        The Chocolate and Cheesecake Bar is now situated at The Concierge Hotel, 37-43 St Mary’s Avenue, Greyville. There is also Freedom Cafe on the premises. All owned by Adila Vahed and all halaal.
        Bounce – Cornubia Mall, Flanders Drive, Mount
        Edgecombe. You may need to make a booking so check their website. There’s other trampoline places around Durban. I just can’t remember the name.
        Wilson’s Wharf is at the end of Victoria Embankment – 14-18 Boatman’s Road, Albert Park. If you’re going South out of Durban towards the M4, Wilson’s Wharf is on the left before you get to the M4. Google boat rides at Wilson’s Wharf to see what the times are. The theatre is Catalina Theatre. Just not sure if they’re still operating.
        Another place I didn’t mention is Flag Farm in Salt Rock. If you decide to go litchi picking, Flag Farm is not too far from that. Very nice for young kids.
        Hope you enjoy your stay!

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  6. Welcome to Durban.Would love to meet you don’t mind if you don’t post coz you definitely deserve a lovely holiday,hope you get nice weather so you can enjoy the beach.
    Rj’s for a good steak
    Smoking Joe’s near Musgrave centerand the lunch box.for nice burgers
    Solly manjras in sea cow lake near musjid Taqwa for traditional kalya,haleem,breyani,dhall and rice
    The address for nice aloo paratha and pita pane with seekh kebab
    You’ll find halal Romans pizza, debonair ,steers,wimpy,fish away,wrap it up all on sparks road
    Must try fererro donut from save supermarket in brickfield road
    La kreamy and chocolate and cheesecake bar for coffee and lovely desserts
    Milky lane on the beach front for waffles,milkshake,ice creams

    Nice to take kids to ushaka wet and wild as well as the aquarium
    Mitchell park has a mini zoo as well as a nice picnic area
    People’s park @moses mabida stadium has a nice play area for kids,if you want to meet the Durban mum’s and kids you’ll find them on a Sunday afternoon. Week days are more quiet.

    Mr funtubbles kids play area and You’ll find sugarlicious ice cream macarons in gateway
    Spices and baking stuff at chohans spice in overport,Islamic wear and kitaabs at ig hoosen or alansaar book shop.
    Litchi picking farms on the north coast
    Croc world and some lovely beaches on the south coast
    Sorry for the long message if I’ve left out any ideas other readers can add.
    If you need anything or feel for a home cooked meal please drop me an email.

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    1. Jazakillah khair ukhti for this heartwarming comment…it is much appreciated😘😘 would love to meet my readers as well if it wasn’t for the transport and anonymity issue😉
      Whereabout is mitchell park (road/area) and mr funtubbles?


  7. I just remembered the kitchenary ,regents gifts,Mayfair,sattaars,party themes for nice baking ware and gifts.
    Jolly meats and desais for sausages andmarinated meat for braai

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  8. There’s so many places which are amazing.
    All of the above.
    For macarons, try macarons by mehnaaz. They are drool worthy.
    Smokin joes nacho burger is terrific
    Sparks road is indian personified. Its like an indian Oxford Street 😂
    If i remember anything specific ill comment again

    Enjoy Durban

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      1. You can find the macarons by the shell garage in overport by the atrium : 16 South Rd, Essenwood, Overport.

        Smokin Joes: 215 Musgrave Rd, Musgrave, Berea.

        Just put in the addresses in Google maps.
        Or if you only have the name of the place you’ll get an address on Google maps.

        Hope this helps 💕

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  9. Alfresco gardens is amazingg and sugarlicious in gateway for ice cream macarons are bomb
    You have to take one day out to go meandering along the midlands meander and visit midmar dam!
    Bounce inc which is an indoor trampoline park is really nice, it’s in the new cornubia mall
    Starbucks just opened here and there’s Krispy Kremes in gateway.
    Umphlanga and ballito have really nice beaches
    Continental butcher and deli have the best burgers!
    Ig hoosens is an Islamic store kinda like cii stores
    Wimpy in town is one of the best
    Simply Asia in Westwood is halal and really good!

    Okay that’s all I can think of right now. Hope this helps!

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  10. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Soo happy to hear our authors going to be in Durbz….for the first time!!
    Durban is definitely the place to eat out…
    Restarunts :
    -Machachos chicken burgers and chips are a must..There is one on the beach front and one in Overport
    -Sunkist , in Morningside , Lennox rd
    Their seafood and chicken is thee best in my opinion…I think they also have a kids play area …
    -Krispy Kreme donuts are like heaven on Earth …the most softest donuts ever…I like the glazed best
    It’s in Gateway
    -Vapour Cafe in Windermere in Morningside a must…pizzas and prawns.
    If you drive down Windermere rd you will literally see a whole lot of restaurants…There is Casablanca, The Address, Comida, Vapour Cafe, Alfresco Gardens…real muslim joint
    There is a Jamaat khana near The Address ..100 Innes Road
    Lol…you can one time just come and visit me …I live in the area 😉
    -For aloo paratha go to My diners on the beach front …Their chicken tikkas quite nice also
    -For ice cream and milkshakes, waffles etc …I like milky lanes..There is one on the beach front…In UShaka mall also
    -If our authoress is going to be in Durban till around Christmas then the Al Ansaar Souk starts on the 22nd of December….you will literally find everything here, from food to Abayas to niqaab, to entertainment for kids, spices,educational books..its shopping heaven!

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  11. Ahlan wa sahlan to warm, sunny Durban
    In Sha Allah you hav a wonderful, realxing n safe holiday
    Allah bring yourll n take yourll back home safely
    I see you have been given wonderful places to visit, i didnt know n even hear of some them
    Though born n brought up n only lived in dbn

    To make things easy for you
    Overport central: Eating places: The lunch box, burger bar, wrap it up, purple planet/caminettos, mydiners, romans pizza, mochachoes, tikka express: sml place but their chicken tikka n seekh kebaab is 👍🏻 N i can vouch for their Halaal,
    Then Al Ameens bakery for yum cakes n rolls, star meats for a deli, butcher, cakes, daniella macarons…,you name it, wide lovely variety
    Marcellos: indian grocery supermarket
    Chocolata, wide range of mainly Indian importrd spice like Shan etc.., Save supermarket for their Fererro Doughnuts n not forgetting Taza for the softest rotis n a wide range of savouries, ready to eat as well as frozen, i can vouch for Tazas halaal status as well…a wide range of egyptian cloacks n scarves shops as well as the famous Al Shazia…all of this is between sparks n brickfield rd
    Going futher dwn brickfield rd you will get kebaabish tikka, nxt door is a Shan spice shop, further dwn is Laeeque bake ware, den the kenfield garage n in their premises is Heroes, den theres regent gifts, mohammedys mayfair, for home ware, willowton meats n i.g.hoosens, simply home all in the same premises, further den you on the opposite side of the rd is nooris baker n deli (mentioned in an earlier post)

    Then at the corner of crescent n ridge rd, also in overport theres, sleepy sleep wear, zitazu, same premises,
    On ridge rd, on the total garage premises theres mugg n bean on the move, mintys fabrics n clothing, nxt door to them is Adega n Vawda jewellers,….further dwn is legends diner n in the mall/atrium theres spur n other halaal places, opposite the mall, going up on the nxt street (sorry dnt kno the street name…) theres pizzaratta, densons for all party kinda things abit bake ware etc n opposite is the shell garage n in their convenience store they stock Macarons by Mehnaaz, follow her on insta den you wud kno wen she does a dlivery

    Morning side area: botanical gardens, the bread mill:for yummy curry pies, chateau gateaux, hub caps pizza, n den continental meats…, den all the food joints, Rj’s, the address, casablanca…all that have been mentioned in the earlier posts n mitchell park is nearby there as well

    Durban beach front: mochachoes, bilaals foods, my diners, jolly grubber, milky lane express all on the same premises n halaal,
    Across is the big milky lane n ice- cream world
    Lots of beggars at almost every robot in overport n at the beach front
    The moses mabhida stadium

    Then sea cow lake area, solly manjras, Aminas wonder spice n dates, chohans spice, sattars as mentioned in an earlier post n party themes n the china mall, not grand as jhb china malls
    Now my hand is sore 🙈, if i do get a chance will go north n south dbn
    This is a mainly central dbn list

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  12. Oh in da sea cow lake area abit in is Bibis, famous for their bunny chows

    Maaf for such a looong bayaan/comment
    Hope its helpful tho

    I think you wud need to write everything dwn n any further questions…we can hlp

    In the overport area ladies salaah facilities are avail at the sparks rd masjid n at masjide hilal ladies accom is nxt door at the madrassaah, you may hav to ask dem to open
    At the beach front theres ladies facilities at the masjid in north beach sorry cant remember the name right now altho i was there last week

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  13. I am an Arab living in Kenya and the only place I have visited in South Africa is Cape Town, reading all the comments I also wish for a holiday, to Durban 😍

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  14. Lovely u have a nice holiday for awesommmme Islamic kiddies educational stuff that stimulates growth of your kid and also does design your gift contact 0817229150 its a Moulana so your hubby can call to veiw.a must for kiddies .or they can send u pic and u can pick up. Shukran

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  15. I forgot in sea cow lake, theres masjide taqwa with ladies salaah facilities as well n if you in the springfield area, opposite makro theres the engen garage, with jolly grubber and across frm dem hot rods for yummy fried chicken, i da springfield area is aloine rd masjid dat also has ladies salaah facilities

    Dbn is hot, remember to keep hydrated, dress cool but carry a jacket esp for the kiddies, in da evenings we’ve been having heavy thundershowers n it gets quite windy at the beach front

    Tip: do your overport run on a weekday early
    W/ends is madness literally, esp sparks n brickfield rd

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  16. Hey! I’m also going to durbz for th hols… Can we plzzzzzzzzzzz organize a meet and greet? Phlzzzzz

    BTW..u found just th best place to enquire…seems lyk u got a batch of big time food fans here….

    Enjoy your holiday thn … I guess we will be on a sabr break till u return…

    Till then… Take care..

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    1. I honestly would love to meet all my dbz readers but a. I’ll be going around everywhere with hubs and kids since he’s the one who drives, and b. I won’t be able to maintain my anonymous status if I do…imagine if I bumped into someone who knew me! Oh, the shocker!😱🙈 though a. Is the main reason…if I had my own car and time I would seriously have considered it *sigh*
      And yes, I wanted to inquire on 1 of the fb groups but I knew I’d get a better response here and I was right. I’m blown away by the responses and willingness to help alhamdulillah❤❤❤
      Take care yourself and enjoy durbs!!!


      1. Maaf if you don’t mind me asking why’d you prefer to remain anonymous,’coz you write fiction if I remember correctly,and we’d all love to meet the wonderful personality behind the pen,who’s always posting lovely lessons and helping us become better Muslims,would be a great honour to meet you.

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      2. Hmmm…this is a hard 1 to answer. I suppose it’s cause I live in a small town and I know of people from the same town who read this blog so I just found it weird if they get to know,and once 1 knows every1 will know,you know how it is. And the idea of people I know reading knowing it’s me is a bit weird…I’d rather they not know lol…


  17. Exotic food caterers- google will have info
    Legends diner and skinny delicious- next to the atrium
    Graffiti cafe
    Toast office- a home based business with good food
    Freedom cafe- owned by the chocolate cheesecake bar
    John dorrys in the atrium which is sanha approved
    Spur in the atrium
    Big bang bistro- heard about it being something new and nice
    Romano- they sell bubble waffles

    I know I’m late but hope this helps😚

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    1. Awwwww😍😍 unfortunately my brain doesn’t wanna come out of holiday mode! I’m trying to get it to churn out words but it’s refusing😑
      In other news….you started a new blog!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!💃💃💃 Will definitely check it out inshaAllah❤

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  18. Things to do in dbn and surrounds (edited)

    Microlighting- come fly
    Club venture- ziplining, snorkelling
    Hole in the wall- thompsons beach (stunning!)
    burnndale farm- outside salt rock
    Flag animal farm
    Litchi orcard- cane cutters
    Tifannys mall
    Ballito lifestyle center
    Waterberry coffee shoppe in the forest (not halal)
    Sage restaurant (not halal)
    Virginia airport coffee shoppe
    Sharks board
    Lucky linton – tinley manor

    Beaches-Paddle boarding and snorkelling:
    vetches pier near ushaka
    Margate beach
    Scottburgh beach
    Isipingo beach rock pools
    Ramsgate beach
    Saint micheals by the sea- uvongo (has a waterfall on the beach)
    Marina beach- margate
    Tinley manor beach- natural tidal pool

    mangwanani for massages
    Coastlands ridge for massages
    Fordoun- midlands
    Kwa Thai Westville
    Changing faces
    Seemas beauty
    Last 2 r cheap massages!

    Places to go and things to do-
    Umgeni bird park and bird show
    Umgeni steam train
    Paradise valley nature reserve
    Mitchell park
    Japanese gardens
    Kenneth stainbank nature reserve
    Crow for animals
    Shongweni dam and nature reserve
    Hiking in umhlanga next to breakers hotel
    Phezulu safari park
    Groovy ball adventure park near pmb
    Hillcrest paintball
    Peoples park- m.mahbida
    Animal farm hillcrest
    Makaranga gardens- kloof (very beautiful)
    Pietermaritzburg zoo
    Galleria- iceskating and go karting
    And indoor jungle gym
    Gateway- funtabbles, fantasy forest
    Lion park- pmb
    Butterfly sanctuary- pmb
    Sky car- moses mahbida
    Kznsa art gallery
    Piggly wiggly- midlands

    Things to do-
    Cycling- beachfront
    Giba gorge- biking, horse trails and coffee
    Fishing at the Harbour
    Karkloof canopy tours
    Harbor cruise
    Oribi gorge for hiking
    Midlands meander- beautiful drive
    Hillcrest- kloof area for nature
    Killarney 4×4 trails
    Kranskloof nature reserve
    Duck and deck animal farm
    Mini town
    Rickshaw tour bus around dbn
    Midmar dam
    Inanda river valley and dam
    Tala game reserve
    Helicopter tours

    Halal Eating out in Durban
    Westwood Shopping Mall
    Simply Asia
    Jimmys prawns
    MY Diner
    Pavilion shopping centre
    Simply Asia
    My diner
    Adega express
    Wicked donuts
    Milky lane
    Overport / Berea
    Let’s Thai
    Purple burger
    Scoop me S’more
    My diner
    China Garden
    Romans Pizza
    Luna Blu
    Adega ( ridge Rd)
    The Address
    Canvas Grill
    Vapor caffe
    Zambeze (old Jimmys Musgrave )
    Randeree’s braai ( Sherwood )
    Continental butchery
    Mezzaluna (coffee shop)
    Spur (the atrium)
    Maxis (the atrium)
    My diner
    Primi cafe
    Ninos Moses Mabhida
    Mochachos (galleria and beach front)
    Sunkist restuarant
    Big ben- isipingo beach
    Tiagos- port shepstone
    Manjras Restaurant

    Water based activities-
    Sunderland pool- windermere
    Rays world- ushaka
    Ushaka marine world
    Splash waterworld
    Wild waves- wild coast
    Wavehouse gateway
    Go bananaz toti
    Kings park pool – heated

    Wonder Market at Chris Saunders Park Umhlanga (last Sunday of every month)
    Essenwood market (every Saturday)
    Shongweni market
    I heart market (forest Saturday of every month)
    Stables market (every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)
    Scottburgh market
    Beachfrnt market on a sunday
    Golden hours on a sunday

    Elizabeth sneddon

    Spice emporium, sartaj, gorimas, chohans, party themes, densons

    Sorry but we r allergic to malls!
    But if u must- galleria, gateway, la lucia, pavilion, westwood, china mall springfield,

    St lucia and surrounds-
    Endoneni cheetah sanctuary (plAy with cheetahs)
    Hluluwe omfolozi
    Mabibi for the most beautiful water for snorkelling

    Please feel free to share my list with ur family and friends- i would love if u could add on to the list with ur favorite places and halal eating venues as we are always keen to try them out (please mail me on or watsapp me on 0837862386)…happy exploring!

    from one of the groups

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    1. The Indian area is overport… lol
      Spices etc at chohans spice.

      Abayas scarves niqaabs, lots of Egyptian shops on sparks n brickfield rd…

      Macarons by mehnaaz ( can check details on instagram)

      Sugarlicious in umhlanga for ice cream sandwiched macs

      Also this

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  19. Slmz hope u well. Just want to say I really enjoy reading ur blog. I am on a whatsapp group called Blog time where admin post completed blogs especially for the ladies who have data problems and who don’t have FB accounts. I would like to ask ur permission to post ur blog on the group. If u would like I can have u added to the group as well. Jzk


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