New Venture

Assalamu alaykum to all…

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now but never actually got down to, but I’ve finally taken the plunge….aaaannnddddd, started another blog!!!!! Not another story, I can’t handle two at one go…go and check it out, your answers are all there…

Please drop me your feedback and thoughts…I would especially like you’ll to check out the actual website and tell me if it’s too dark, too much, too shiny, too whatever…you’re the readers so it should be just right for YOU.

Right, on the topic of blogs I came across one just today though it’s been around for a few weeks I think. I’m blown away by it and I’m one who doesn’t give my compliments easily. So check that out as well, it’s a welcome burst of reality after all the soppy fiction we keep on reading…

On that note I’ll sign off…hope to see you’ll on the other side and don’t worry, this story isn’t quite dead yet. I’m just trying to work up the right frame of mind to get the creativity flowing again…

Love and duas,



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