Role Models


My son asked me in Ramadhan, “ummi, do you have to pray Qur’an out of Ramadhan also?”

It struck me, hard. We were talking about doing something out of Ramadhan when I mentioned having to pray Qur’an as well. Hence the question. Such an innocent question yet it hit me so forcefully. I do pray Qur’an out of Ramadhan but my time for praying my daily portion is after fajr…when he is sleeping. I was ashamed to realise that out of Ramadhan my son does not see me touch the Qur’an. It got me thinking; what if he had grown up with that impression? Would it have affected his life negatively? Would he have thought that Qur’an is reserved for Ramadhan only; not because he was taught that but because that is what he saw from his role model. Yes, dear brothers and sisters; we are our children’s role models…

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