Not a post…

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…

Story of my life these days…not manage to get a post together on time then write a post on there not being a post 🤦🏻‍♀️

Sorryyy guyssss…my mind doesn’t want to cooperate sometimes…what can I do🤷🏻‍♀️ but I will try and write something up (hopefully not a bunch of nonsensical rambles) and post it by tomorrow or at the latest, Wednesday…

Remember this scatterbrained author in your duas🤭



20 thoughts on “Not a post…”

  1. Use the sis in law.
    How she listens into the conversations and phone calls. Perhaps causing a dessert to flop.
    And also the father in law siding with Faz.
    One day my father in law stood up for me. He was a wonderful man. May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى grant him jannah. آمين يا رب العالمين
    One day mum in law and sis in law had to go somewhere. And I had to cook by myself. Menu for that day was green moong and masala chops. For a first timer, it’s really scary to be in the kitchen. My mum in law had her separate dishcloths and spoons etc.
    Anyway I cooked the moong. But couldn’t understand why it was looking so runny.
    I stood by the stove and started to cry. Then I called my mum. And my father in law heard. So he went into the kitchen. My heart flipped.
    He came out smiling. I remember his toothy grin. So I cut the call and followed him into the kitchen. That day is forever etched in my mind.
    He said ,” I have a plan.”” So he helped me dispose off the dhall. Then he helped me to redo the moong. His style. It was perfect.
    That night when mum in law tasted, she was like. “Wow”
    as the compliments flowed, my dad winked at me from across the table. Till today the moong reminds me of our secret. Father in law rescued me.

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    1. Wow that had me in tears.. that what you call an insan.. you have some amazing stories mashAllah.. think you should do some writting up would love to read your lovely stories and its like your own life story so its like wow you have actually gone through this..

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    2. Love this! I had already started writing about the father inlaw when I read this. Brilliant ideas mentioned. Shukran ukhti 😘
      Your father inlaw sounds like he was such a wonderful man mashaAllah❤

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    3. This made me smile! The past few weeks has been wedding season and at each wedding I wonder why the mother in law takes away a daughter that is loved sooo much just to make her life miserable!?!?

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  2. Ooooh my word…. Sister amatullah 2013 comment covered up for no post yesterday
    😉Soo cute father-in-law 🤣🤣.. Plus it’s a true story 😂…
    Don’t worry sister.. Take ur time ❤️

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