Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…

Hope everyone is doing well…

A friend of mine has suffered a personal loss. It’s extremely shocking and I feel like helping out in any way I can. To that end I would very much appreciate it if you’ll can help me make Qur’an khatams for the deceased and for all the marhoomeen. And please remember the sister in your duas as well… jazakumullah khair.

EDIT: Another sister, Hanan’s father has also passed away. Please remember her mother and family in your duas as well in this trying time. Jazakumullah khair.

NOTE: Due to certain reasons I have edited the first part of this post. I also want to say I’m extremely touched and happy to see that the first khatam is already done within a few hours. I’ll be putting up a second khatam below the first one inshaAllah. May Allah reward you all for coming together for this rewarding venture. It warms my heart to see this level of solidarity Alhamdulillah.

Uhibbukunna fillah (love you all for the pleasure of Allah)❤❤❤

Below I’ll list all the paras of the Qur’an. Please comment with your paras and as you comment I’ll fill in the spaces inshaAllah. As soon as we make one khatam we’ll start another inshaAllah. Let’s make this limitless…

P.S. If anyone has any other ideas please pass them on. This is the first time I’m doing this so I’m new at this…

EDIT: I have started the Laailaha illallah khatam as well which has to be read 70,000 times. I’ll put it beneath the Qur’an khatams so you’ll can comment with however much you’ll can read and I’ll mark it down inshaAllah.


1- Me

2- Me

3- Me

4- Razina Sooliman Nakooda

5- ummi huzaifah✔

6- troubled illusions

7- zahratun✔

8- Fazila Boodi✔

9- Fazila Boodi✔

10- Fazila Boodi

11- hajira

12- anonymous

13- rashida✔

14- Fiona Shaik

15- Fiona Shaik

16- Dee

17- Tayyeba Ibrahim Sarwan✔

18- diaryofadaeea

19- Maryam

20- ummUsaid✔

21- Aliyah

22- Fatima Ayoob

23- Atiya__k

24- Zainab

25- Zainab

26- cinnamonxsugar

27- Tasneem Karolia✔

28- Tasneem Karolia✔

29- muslimah seeking jannah✔

30- Haaj✔


1- A.

2- A.

3- A.

4- kay_born_in_may

5- kay_born_in_may

6- Anonymous

7- Anonymous

8- Aa✔

9- Haalah✔

10- Haalah✔

11- Haalah✔

12- h vawda✔

13- laaibah176

14- laaibah176

15- Aisha✔

16- Fiona Shaik

17- veryberry2✔

18- A

19- A

20- kt

21- najmussaaqib

22- najmussaaqib

23- najmussaaqib

24- fayroez tayob Cassim

25- excerptsofabrokenheart

26- excerptsofabrokenheart

27- hijaaby♡lover

28- ruqs✔

29- ruqs✔

30- Atiya__k


Haaj- 1000


160 thoughts on “Khatam…”

  1. Salaamz i took 19th in the 1st khatam but before i managed to complete it i got my haidh. If its possible can someone else please read it for me. Jzk khair


    1. Maaf ukhti,all the paras are taken…I’m not sure if I should start a third khatam because no1 else has volunteered..let’s see…in the meantime you can also contribute to the Laailaha illallah khatam if you want

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alhamdulillah, I’ve completed the para. And I’ve read 500 Lailaha illah already. You can write 1000 down for my name. They say women can’t read more than 100 Lailaha illah a day, thus I shall take a few days to complete the remaining 500, In sha Allah. 💛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lailaha illah is too hot for the body. Especially if we don’t have a sheikh 🙈 – we were told to read 100 Lailaha illah and 300 SubhanaAllah so it balances you. We don’t want to go mad 😂🤣

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Maybe you should cancel the Lailaha illah thingy since no one else mentioned. I’ll complete my amount I took though and the family will read for him anyway….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Astags but I forgot to finish that 500 and remembered the other day when clearing my emails and I seen this email. Alhamdulillah I read it and completed it today 🙈 – if it’s not too much trouble can you delete my name off that part even tho I read it bc it looks so so weird all alone 🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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