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  1. Love this blog! Only one thing wrong Picture making is not allowed-Photos and Videos of animate objects. Dont know if you didnt know that or were intending to target it later. Other than that this blog is amongst my favorites.

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      1. Sorry I didnt mean you putting i’m talking about the ppl in your blog if you get what I’m saying eg. Part 12 and by the naani too. Hope you never take offence, so sorry if you did. Its just that the rest of your blog if the perspn is doing something wrong you made it clear its wrong but not this. Keep up the good work, its nice to to read a blog without feeling guilty that its promoting haraam.

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      2. Oh I get it now lol. Don’t worry, I haven’t taken offense, I appreciate you pointing this out. The reason why I haven’t mentioned it being wrong, and why I didn’t even click that I’m putting something wrong is because when it comes to digital images there’s a difference of ulama regarding whether it’s haraam or not. If I’m not mistaken Mufti Taqi Uthmani of Pakistan is of the opinion that they’re not haraam. The same with videos. Infact there’s even more leeway given by ulama regarding digital videos than photos. Quite a few ulama are of the opinion that videos are permissible because they’re motion, and so it’s like looking at something or someone live. That’s why a lot of ulama are appearing on television and youtube as well nowadays. I’m not saying if that’s wrong or right as I’m not a mufti so I can’t say anything, but because there is leeway given by people more knowledgeable than us, I’m not going to put it in the blog that it’s outright haraam. However, when it comes to printed or published images then according to all ulama that’s totally haraam. Infact my next post contains just this topic lol, so it’s as though you read my mind😉 sorry for the looong reply, I just felt that I had to clear the air here…and I really do appreciate feedback and constructive criticism so keep the comments coming!😜


  2. Maaf sister while I agree that there is a difference of opinion on the topic it would be in the best interest of the readers who follow a mufti who considers it haraam to rather abstain from using it in the blog as a permissble or an okay thing…Because like you said there’s a difference on opinion and some have said that logically what was haraam always cannot be made halaal because the way or Method have changed..it’s a contentious issue which we should abstain from depicting it as permissible or not …other wise thumbs up on your excellent words and message.
    Always looking forward to your posts and you never disappoint

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    1. Yes I understand,so the readers who consider it haraam can abstain from using it in their blogs and I have come across blogs where its mentioned that photography is haraam. But I follow the muftis who say digital photos and videos are allowed so long as you don’t print them or develop them so I’ll go by that in my blog xxx
      Shukran for your kind words and comment😘❤


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