Part 168

The news of mine and Tariq’s engagement exploded throughout PE and I was caught in it’s backlash. Dozens of congratulatory messages flooded my phone, from people I knew and people I had never met before. Our house phone didn’t stop ringing off its hook, from well wishers as far as Durban and Cape Town. Invitations to dawats started arriving by the dozen, from family and friends of the Kadwas. And all this was on top of the frenetic weddings preparations that were already under way.

Tariq’s family wanted a huge bash as they said their circle of family and friends was very large. I, on the other hand, wanted a small and simple wedding, without all the frills and fuss. We had many discussions on the topic because the Kadwas wanted to bring their large entourage even to the nikah dawat and I refused to have a big wedding. I put my foot down and said they could bring a maximum of seventy guests to our dawat. Then if they wanted to invite a thousand people to the walima that was their business. Mum and dad took my side on that alhamdulillah so that was settled, albeit a few grumbles from the boy’s side.

The other issue that arose was the wedding date. The Kadwas wanted a minimum of six months to prepare though I didn’t know what they had to prepare for since I was the bride here. I wanted the nikah in a month’s time because of the hadith I had done in madrsssah;

“It is narrated on the authority of Ali R A. that the Prophet (SAW) said to him, “O Ali! Do not postpone three things: prayer when it is time for it, funeral when it is ready and the marriage of an unmarried woman when a suitable match is found. [Ahmed 828, Ibn e Majah 1486]

At least Tariq took my side in this matter and convinced his mum to compromise and have it in six weeks instead. And so the date was set and the preparations began in earnest.

Luckily for me the August holidays rolled around at that time so I could prepare without madrassah stress getting in the way. Mum and dad took me to Jo’burg for a few days to shop for the main things and we gave a lovely woman who lived down my street and sewed like a wonder to prepare the rest of my trousseau. I made lists upon lists so I did not forget anything. Amira and Aliyah, and Zee whenever she got the chance, jumped in to help me out and willingly allowed themselves to be dragged from shop to shop in search of various things that a bride needs. My older, married cousins pitched in with a variety of advices on what else a married woman needs, some of which made me blush crimson and sent my cousins into gales of laughter. It was crazy, it was hectic and yet I enjoyed myself most of the time because it gave us cousins chance to spend ample time together and do crazy things.

Tariq messaged me two days after we got engaged, just a light, friendly message.

“Hey, salaams. Hope you’re well. Busy busy already?😉”

I stared at the message, my mind whirling. I knew this was wrong and from the beginning I was totally against communicating before marriage because it saps all the barakah from the marriage. But how to tell him that without hurting his feelings? I read his message again and again, sifting through my mind for the correct words; forming a reply, casting it aside as too blunt or too rude, forming another reply. Finally I took a deep breath. Polite but firm, Faz. Let him get the message but not feel bad about it.

“Wslm. I’m well alhamdulillah and hope you’re well too. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to come across as mean or prudish but I would prefer to begin our interactions after nikah, as that’s where the most blessings lie and I want our marriage to begin on the right foot and flourish inshaAllah❤”

I probably sound like a big apa, I thought, cringing, but I pressed send anyway. A few minutes later his reply came and I opened it with bated breath.

“No problem, I totally understand. If you do have any questions feel free to ask me or you can get in touch with my sister, Sameera. Au Revoir❤❤”

I let out the breath I’d been holding in a rush. At least he understood and didn’t make a fuss alhamdulillah! I didn’t have Sameera’s number but I would get it somehow if the need of it ever arose.

So far the need hadn’t arose. I didn’t have anything to ask him that couldn’t be asked after nikah. I would get to know him later, I mused with a smile. Leave the mystery and intrigue for now. Smiling to myself I skipped down the stairs to ask mum what else she needed to get done.


54 thoughts on “Part 168”

  1. Lovely post …but I’m not liking the fact that Tariq messaged Faz…thought he was strict on Deen…hmmmm…
    Maybe this is where our authoress is going to bring Ahmed in 😉
    Though I hope this marriage works out for Faz …
    Could really feel the wedding excitement when reading the post♥

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  2. Jazaakillaah for the lovely post but it’s way too short for us…
    I’m starting to question why I agreed to start liking this Tariq guy…
    Also since the whole of PE and Cpt and Durban were speaking about the upcoming wedding, our Ahmed must’ve also got the news, I think we need his POV soon like in a bonus post 😋😉
    Enjoying the wedding vibes….

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  3. Ay this is cheating you taking short cuts here, I demand a bonus post this week 👋🏻 I’m glad Tariq understood, I still need to warm up to him enough to forget Ahmed but I don’t judge him for the message he sent. Nobody is perfect, sometimes our families make us feel as if certain things are okay to do and the important thing is that we’re willing to change when we eventually do realize how wrong it is. The fact that he was willing to do things in the halaal way when she eventually did point out that there’s been more blessings says good things about him. My heart still wants Ahmed in a way… 💔 sniff* Hopefully I’ll get over it or you’ll change your mind 💔💔💔

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  4. Torturing myself one post at a time 💔😭 I’ll have to keep sharing my sadness!! 😉 it’s always easier for a man (or so they say) I wonder if Ahmad would just let it go or feel it as bad as I am 😬 silently praying this engagement breaks off or wedding gets called off or something so Ahmad can come quickly for Faz 😆 What is meant for you will never miss you .. Hoping Ahmad and Faz are meant for each other 😌

    Beautifully written as always 😘

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  5. A bit on the short side, hey? 😉
    jk, lovely post. 😊💕
    I like this guy already. The fact that he isn’t perfect and is willing to learn from his mistakes. He also didn’t get annoyed with her for telling him the right thing. 🙏

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  6. Exciting!!!
    Tho Would’ve been wayy more exciting if it was AHMED💚

    I’m still not tooo happy abt this “Tariq guy”


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    1. Hey I think I’m really spoilt with the long post so this felt too short.anyway thanks for the lovely post…exciting but I smell trouble since taariqs family isn’t on the same page as faz and he contacted her before nikaah,,just wondering how he got her number…
      As for Ahmed bichaaro I wondering how he’s doing 💔💔💔
      #Team Ahmed💓

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      1. Lol it felt short for all of us including me😂 I realise now that I should have added onto the post but too late now. I’ll put all that in the next post inshaAllah❤


  7. Am I the only person who like tariq more than Ahmed?

    Lol maybe I’m a bit on the impatient side and ahmed was really starting to frustrate the life out of me!!!

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  8. Hey I think I’m really spoilt with the long post so this felt too short.anyway thanks for the lovely post…exciting but I smell trouble since taariqs family isn’t on the same page as faz and he contacted her before nikaah,,just wondering how he got her number…
    As for Ahmed bichaaro I wondering how he’s doing 💔💔💔
    #Team Ahmed💓

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  9. I’m also warming up to this Taariq dude. . If Ahmed really was serious & man enough, he would have approached Nana back in London while he had the chance. . So I already lost hope in him even more so when he bid Faz farewell. . No mention of Faz waiting for him or even mention of his feelings for her or anything. . So don’t see why she should still be pining. . I’m waiting to see the good Taariq gona bring to the picture. . & well end of day marriage ain’t all rosy posy love & fresh air. . There will always be issues be it with in laws or between spouses, the main thing is how the couple deals. So far Taariq is proving to be good. Anxiously awaiting the next post. . Short or long post doesn’t matter as long as there’s a post, that’s what counts. Keep it up. . Sorry for the long comment. .

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  10. Amazing! Reminded me of the time I was getting married. I wanted a small nikaah, whereas my family wanted something big! 😁 and also didn’t want to delay the nikaah so mentioned this same Hadith to my dad.

    And so true even people who are on deen make mistakes and don’t realise sometimes that they’re doing something wrong. We all are in need of reminders.

    Lovely post 👍

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